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Mr. Handy Solutions 365, LLC strives to be your solution for unexpected and inconvenient household, small business and automotive concerns. The origination of Mr. Handy Solutions 365 goes back to a time when there were much needed repairs, yet few experienced to repair them. Thus, in seeking a better solution, we sought to do the repairs and by learning from those licensed and experienced,  Mr. Handy Solutions 365, LLC was established and has been making lives better one solution after another since 1999.

At Mr. Handy Solutions 365, we understand that not everyone has the time or the capability of solving tasks around the house, small business or car. That is why we thank you for relying on our quality solutions to provide you professional services built on our mission to provide each of our valued customers with honest competitive customer pricing, quality of service provided and reliable solutions guaranteed for 30 days from date of service because your satisfaction is our most valued asset.

We've REsolved a variety of RESIDENTIAL and small business needs since 1999, and we're here to help fix  Yours too.

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